How to Harness the Power of Facebook Marketing to Grow Your Business

Marketing has changed drastically with the rapid development of the web and our faster and faster access to it. Our mobile devices mean that we are connected all the time and this has excited business owners because it means that their advertisements have the potential to appear in front of more eyes and be seen by more people. One of the biggest developments in marketing has been the rise of social media.

How Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

The truth is that modern web users are very savvy. They know when they see a bad advertisement and will simply click elsewhere. Social media marketing has changed the way that businesses do their marketing because it is about personal engagement.

When a web user engages on a personal level with an advertisement, he or she is more likely to click the ad and visit the website. Social media has the power to drive this sort of engagement but it must be done very carefully. This is where a Facebook marketing agency can help.

Why Use Facebook Marketing?

As one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, successful marketing campaigns on it have the potential to engage with millions of new customers. But it’s not easy to get the balance right. Many businesses fall at the first hurdle and find that creating successful Facebook campaigns is not easy.

So how can a professional Facebook marketing agency help? Consider the following:

  • Optimising Facebook’s targeted advertising tools and creating campaigns that focus on niche audiences that are relevant to your brand
  • Customising Facebook ads to generate as much interest as possible from Facebook users
  • Working with daily budgets as low as $5 per day to achieve optimal results that drive traffic
  • Conducting split testing of different advertising campaigns to determine which one users respond to best
  • Using the latest Facebook marketing tactics according to their algorithm changes
  • Creating campaigns that are consistent with your business brand and your goal
  • Monitoring ad visibility and traffic
  • Optimising both organic and sponsored content to drive traffic


The truth is that running a business today is not easy. There are so many things to be aware of and so many online tools to learn. These factors can make it tough for entrepreneurs who are more focused on their products and their customers than optimising social media campaigns to drive more traffic.

Though social media marketing has the potential to drive unprecedented traffic, it must be handled with great care. One bad campaign could hurt your business. This is why it’s important to hire a professional team and have a dedicated account manager to deal with your Facebook marketing.



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