The Neurotransmitter Therapy of Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Jim Eells is one of the most recognized leaders in personalized medicine field and he is also considered as the best doctor when discussing issues that are related to neurotransmitter therapy. He is always discussing about the correct timing of utilizing the therapy and how this treatment works in generating its healing effects not only for the brain, but also for the whole body.

Dr. Jim Eells spent numerous years in the field of medicine that’s why he became a well-known physician that offers the concierge medicine or also known as the medical personalized care. Even with his achievements and success, he still continuously seeking the best ways to enhance the care he offer for his patients not only to heal patients but also for him to understand his patients deeply for a better encouragement. The methods used by Dr. Eells in personalized care greatly contribute to the overall wellness and health of his patients. With regards to the therapies, Dr. Jim Eells is also a well-known advocate of concierge medicine and neurotransmitter therapy. For those who don’t, neurotransmitter therapy is a kind of treatment where the supplements are used in order to increase the chemical messages between the brain’s nerve cells.

According to Dr. Jim Eells, neurotransmitter therapy can give the patients great healing effects for body and brain. There are 183 total isolated neurotransmitters at work on brain. If the levels of neurotransmitter drops, this deficiency will lead to decreased electrical brain function, which will eventually turn into illnesses. There are 100 different diseases which is related with the neurotransmitter deficiencies such as mental and hormonal classified related diseases. The neurotransmitter plays a very crucial role especially in the mood and perception of the patients, so if the level would drop, there is a high chance that the patient will suffer from depression and pain, though there’s no hard evidence about this.

In order to control the levels of neurotransmitter, Dr. Eells said that the patients should take well-balanced nutritional supplements. Sometimes, he often recommend to his patients to take 99% 5-HTP supplements, which is noted to be very effective especially for the neurotransmitter repletion. If this kind of treatment is done along with the personalized nutritional programs, the treatment can now be considered effective in recovering health the best possible way and maintaining it. However, there is a high chance that the neurotransmitter will be depleted if the wrong supplements are ingested.

Neurotransmitter therapy is considered as a tested and proven treatment that’s suitable for different illnesses and diseases such as hyperactivity, panic attacks, tension headaches, ADD and DHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, migraines, depression, insomnia, and others.